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my home supper club is closed

 I suppose you've noticed that things have been very quiet on the My Home Supper Club front. Jelly+Gin Productions is turning into quite the full-time job. Instead of entertaining people in my home, I'm now running pop-up dining events: still unusual and unique with many of the same hallmarks of the supper club.


In case you've not picked up on these dining events, they are:


Burgher Burger, a guerilla dining experience where an established Edinburgh chef cooks his/her ultimate burger meal in a greasy spoon cafe in Leith.


There is Create:Eat a collaborative dining event featuring the very best of everything.


There was The Disconsolate Dandie which took place in a palladian manor in Selkirk back in June. We'll be hearing more from him early next year... he really needs to sort out his kitchen first!


I am also working on another interesting collaboration with a popular Edinburgh chef, this is called #spicebomb.


You might want to ‘like’ the Jelly+Gin Facebook page because this is where all the information about tickets etc for future events will be.


I cannot see myself having time to host a supper club again in the foreseeable future. As intrepid gastronauts, I'm sure you'll be joining me at one of the above event soon enough (if you haven't already).


Scandi supper menu - 12 May

~small bites~

potato cakes with herring roe and beetroot salad

gravadlax with horseradish cream

veal & pork meatballs with cowberry compote

homemade caraway seed bread


poached salmon
potato and celeriac bake
sweet pickled beetroot
fennel slaw


sesame milk pudding with salted pistachio praline


Another Scandi-inspired menu. I did a menu similar to this for a private event back in February and it went down very well. Wine matching with all those pickles and beetroot can be a bit of a nightmare so have a look at my friend Nikki’s blog, she did a wine tasting at the last Scandi supper club and came up with these great choices.


Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend. I'll send out address details tonight.

P.S. odd choice of photographs I know, I’m playing around with Instragram to see if it will work as a way of recording photos for my blog. My other camera is just too big and heavy, so I never end up taking photographs. Hhhmmm... need to work on technique.


questions and answers

I’m getting lots and lots of emails via this website at the moment, so many that I can’t quite keep on top of the responses. I’m sorry that I haven’t responded, I’m not being rude just very, very busy! These are the most frequently asked questions.


How do you set up a supper club?

Everything you need to know about setting up a supper club is in Kerstin Rodgers’ book Supper Club. It’s not that expensive and if you are planning on setting up a supper club it’s definitely worth the £12 or so. This book was my bible when I started, as was Kerstin’s blog. You can also read this blog from the start if you wish because I’ve pretty much documented most of the highs and lows of the past year here.


I can’t advise on the legalities supper clubs. Every area is different, and there are lots of grey areas too. You will have to make these decisions yourself, and seek advice from your local authority.


Can I come to your supper club?

My May event (it’s booked up) is the last one for a while. I may do another one or two later in the year but at the moment I’m focusing on Jelly+Gin (do 'like' on Facebook to keep track of dining events) and Burgher Burger.


Can you recommend another Edinburgh supper club?

Follow these two blogs for up to date information on the Edinburgh supper club scene:

My Monkfish

Edinburgh Spotlight

I haven’t been to all of the Edinburgh supper clubs, for the sole reason that I’ve been running mine so frequently. I was on the verge of being black-balled by friends if I went supper clubbing on my weekends off too! I have been to Crescent Dining and Chai Lounge, both are excellent. I’ve also been to Tealicious an afternoon tea pop-up which is the most divine treat on a Sunday. There’s a supper club for everyone, each is as unique as the host/s so try them all out!


Finally, if you’re thinking about starting a supper club, just do it.


supper club menu- 21 april

A tea inspired menu

green jasmine tea bubbles
chicken liver parfait
mushrooms in aspic
melba toast
hibiscus marinated lamb
potato flowers
mint tea steamed greens
chai cream pudding
rhubarb sorbet

Here’s the menu for Saturday’s supper club. Inspiration for some of the recipes has been drawn from The Vintage Tea Party book - it is a lovely book. Things may change slightly depending on the availability of ingredients. Do let me know if you’ve got an allergies/ serious aversions. I already know that there’s a pregnant person and a non-fish eater; I hope this menu is okay for you both! I look forward to seeing you all on second last supper club... sigh.


the last supper... maybe

Changes afoot. You’ve probably figured that out what with the change of my twitter tag, avatar and the Facebook diddling. Whodda thunk? A year ago I wasn’t even on twitter and now I’m having what feels like a momentous change of twitter tag (for those of you not on Twitter - it really is a big thing!).


So what's the big news? Well my 1st anniversary supper club on the 12 May, is also going to be my last home supper club for a while. Not because I want to give up having dinner fun with new and interesting people, no because I’m taking this show on the road.


Since starting Burgher Burger back in February I’ve been offered lots interesting opportunities to do pop-up dining events and I feel that I’ve got to grasp these with both hands. I love new things... (that’s why there’s never been the same thing on the menu twice in a whole year of supper clubs) - so I have found that I really can’t say ‘no’.


And, as with the supper club, these bigger dining events have also allowed me to collaborate with some people that I just love being around, people that are so inspiring that you just can’t help but feel creative yourself. And so to Jelly+Gin. The name might sound a bit funny but really it’s just me organising dinners with my good friend Carol Soutar. Carol is a freelance creative director, designer and all round aesthete, and she has been instrumental in helping me develop the look of both Burgher Burger and My Home Supper Club - now we want to do more lavish/unusual/bonkers dining events together. In addition we’ll be collaborating with some of the many brilliant chefs on the Scottish food scene; home-cooked dinner for 12 and I’m fine, anything above and over would be panic stations for me!


This blog has always been about the story of my home supper club, so I’ll continue to write here while the supper club is still up and running. Also, Carol and I will be working on and making that look good (it’s a work in progress at the moment) and populating it with information about upcoming pop-up nights, secret supper clubs, and guerilla dining events in very unusual locations.


You might want to ‘like’ the Jelly+Gin Facebook page because this is where we’ll be talking about the very special country manor secret supper club hosted by the mystery man that I’ve yet to meet (have you ever read a sentence with so many enticing words?). The Facebook page is where all the information about tickets etc for this event and future events will be. In short, it’s the place where all the Jelly+Gin action will be happening. Get ‘liking’.